Sister Friends 2018 Wall Calendar

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12″ x 12″ Wall Calendar that is a perfect gift for your sister friends

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Sister Friends 2018 Wall Calendar

Many Black women have a special bond with their female friends – their “Sister Friends.” These women may not share our blood, but they’re as close as our own sisters are. They know us, car for us and make us better. They also remind us when we’re drifting, and are a great beacon of Faith and understanding. If you’re not gifted with a blood sister, you can take comfort in knowing that everyone can have a sister friend!

To celebrate these fun, caring, honest, vibrant women in our lives, we present you our 2018 Sister Friends African American wall calendar, featuring the artwork of up-and-coming French artist Nicholle Kobi. This African American-inspired calendar depicts black sister friends in a variety of lighthearted, energetic poses, and give you a kick first thing in the morning when you check out your calendar.

Make a list of all of your sister friends, and order a 12” by 12” wall calendar for them right now!

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Dimensions 12 x 12 in

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